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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you embroider on any type material?
A.  Almost any type material can be embroidered, providing it can be hooped and the needle can sew through it.
Q.  Is there a minimum order that must be placed?
A.  We have no minimums.  If you need one piece, that's alright.
Q.  How are the orders shipped out?
A.  Depending on the size of the order, we normally ship USPS Priority Mail, and if it warrants, then UPS ground.
Q.  Do you have Greek lettering?
A.  Not at this time.
Q.  Do you embroider on caps?
​A.  Yes we do. We have various types of caps available for adults as well as children.
Q.  If I have a specific logo, can you do that for me?
A.  Yes, we can turn your artwork into a sewing format, which  in turn allows our equipment to duplicate the logo.  There is a one time fee for the creation of the design, and any copyrighted material must be accompanied with a letter of authorization.  For more information, see our 'Digitizing' section on the right side of this page..
Q.  Do you embroider any MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Disney characters, Looney Tunes or other such designs?
A.  Sorry, these are all copyrighted designs and we do not infringe on copyrighted material so please do not ask.
Q.  Will any personal information given you be passed on or sold to other companies?
A.  NO.  As you become our customer, we will respect your right to privacy and use the information only to fill your order, nothing else.


Digitizing is converting your design/logo into an embroidery file format that is accepted and readable by the embroidery machine.  That conversion process is called "embroidery digitizing." The digitized file tells the embroidery machine where, how and which colors to use while stitching. Customized embroidery is a great advertising tool for any business or organization and is of far higher quality and portrays a more professional image than that of a screen printed logo.  A unique embroidered logo suggests a legitimate, permanent Business or Organization – one that attends to detail and displays professionalism and pride. By wearing your design/logo you are advertising your business (or hobby) to potential customers. 


Digitizing fees depend on the complexity of the design and vary depending on size and number of stitches.  Digitizing fees (when applicable) are totally non-refundable.
Clean & Clear artwork is the best work with for digitizing your design.  If the artwork is degraded in anyway, be it blurry or very small it will take us more time to clean up the artwork and to create a crisp clear image.  It will also take longer to create the design as we will be spending much of the time cleaning up the image provided to us.
We reserve the right to refuse any design/logo that constitutes a copyright infringement.  We cannot however be aware of all copyright designs/logos.  It is therefore the responsibility of the customer to provide us with written permission to use a particular logo for their apparel.  You may have the owner of the copyright design contact us to give permission or decline permission.  We will ask for the name and phone number to contact them to verify permission has been given.
​We cannot give/sell/trade any stock design files.  We can only sell/give the embroidered design on apparel. Only custom digitized designs can be purchased from us or your own original artwork which has been digitized.